I Get to Wear My Hat!

Hi dear readers! I’m sorry that it’s been a while. I’ve been swamped with school, but I’m here now!

So, I have a fun story/ piece of news for you today. Hopefully this will make up for the fact that I haven’t written in a couple months.

When I was in the sixth grade I asked for a very specific thing for Christmas: a pea coat, a stylish winter hat, and matching striped scarf (all from Aeropostale of course). Now, I had a very specific purpose for this outfit. The plan was the next time I went to New York City I was going to wear my stylish clothes and walk around at Christmastime. Now, this doesn’t mean going to the Rockafeller tree lighting or anything like that. I literally just wanted to wander the snowy streets of New York and look at the festive lights… in a hat.

Now this might have made sense if I had any plans in the near future to go to New York in December. However, I didn’t go back to the Big Apple until high school and that was in October. So, I wore the scarf, coat, and hat for years but they never fully achieved their full potential.

Well, I have very exciting news today. I get to wear the hat this year! I am officially moving to New York City for all of next semester. I have saved my “New York clothes,” as I have called them all this time, and I cannot wait until the day I can rock my very outdated 2006 look in the random streets of New York.

So, look out everyone! Here comes Aeropostale clad Allie!

Tonight’s quote comes from my new obsession, “Hamilton.” Seriously, anyone who can turn the first Continental Congress into a rap battle is my hero.

“In New York you can be a new man.”

Love your neighbor as yourself and don’t forget to have a great day!



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