The Counselor and the Frog

Hey dear readers! I hope you are well!

So, today’s post is a story that I’ve been meaning to write down for quite some time. This is absolutely true. So, enjoy…

First, some backstory. This summer (if you don’t already know from all my hundreds of other references in the past) I was a camp counselor. Frogs are my favorite animals. Ok. That’s all the information you need.

Week two of camp this summer, my partner Hannah and I took our girls to the nature center so that they could see and hold some animals. We have all sorts of creatures there: toads, turtles, snakes, frogs, etc. The guy who runs the nature center (shout out to Keith) brought out a bunch of the animals for us to hold and I was given the most precious frog I had ever seen.

I, always the dramatic one, started telling everyone how cute I thought it was and how we were actually in love. It was a leopard frog without a name so my girls decided that it should be called Leo. Leopard frog… Leo… yeah my girls are the best.

It was then decided that Leo and I were going to get married. (Now I need to interject here for just a second… This was not my choice, however I should have seen it coming after how I was acting.)

Now a marriage after one day would have been a quick turnaround. And if I’ve learned anything from Lord of the Rings it’s that we shouldn’t be hasty. So, I told the girls that we would be getting married week 6, (conveniently) when they wouldn’t be at camp anymore.

Somehow this story took a life of its own. All of my cabins after that week knew about Leo, and helped me plan the wedding. Keith would ask how my dates were going and offered to officiate.

So, week six rolls around and everyone now knows that this is the week of the wedding. At this point I was like, “well I guess this is going to happen.” I was also extremely attached to Leo. He and I were pals. So the wedding was going to be on Wednesday, four weeks after I first met him.

On Monday night, I was hanging out on my cabin’s porch and my partner came back from her night off. She told  me that Keith had posted on the Facebook page that one of the frogs had died. He wasn’t sure if it was Leo and that when we came to the nature center the next day, I would have to figure out if Leo was still alive.

So, on Tuesday I had to break the news to my girls that Leo might not be living anymore. We went to the nature center and the stars aligned and Leo was alive! It was one of the other frogs that had died. The wedding was still on.

The day we’ve all been waiting for, he day of the wedding comes and Keith comes up to me during lunch and pulls me aside. He looks very solemn and tells me that “last night Leo passed away as well.” Leo DIED. Like what?! The day of our wedding!!! I wasn’t sure if I was sad or impressed by this amphibian’s timing. I planned the wedding four weeks in advance and then he DIES on the wedding day?

So at lunch that day, we all had a moment of silence for our dear friend, my late fiancé.

Well, that’s the story. I guess it’s not really an uplifting one… But it needs to be told because how ridiculous is that? Here’s a picture of us.


May you rest in peace, Leo.

Today’s quote comes from another wise and wonderful frog, Kermit.

“When you decide what your Big Dream is, you’ll be bursting with enthusiasm and want to share it with everybody. Most everybody will give you one of those ‘OK, that’s nice, now please pass the ketchup’ looks. Some will scoff, suggesting that whatever your Big Dream is, it’s too big for you. And a select few will whisper words of encouragement. My advice is this: Pass the ketchup. Ignore the scoffers. And remember those words of encouragement ‘cause they’re the only ones that matter.” -Kermit the Frog

Love your neighbor as yourself and don’t forget to have a great day!



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