The Greatest of These

Hey dear readers!

This weekend has been amazing. Insane, but amazing. I just spent the last seventy-two hours going through recruitment. It is an incredibly busy weekend that can easily run you down. However, despite how tired I was every night, I never felt like I was just “done” and unwilling to come back the next day. That’s because of my sisters. I have learned so much about patience and love in the past few days.

I still find it hard to believe that I’m in a sorority sometimes. I just thought that it wasn’t going to be something I was interested in. But these women have shown me how incredible it is to be part of something bigger than yourself. To be able to lift up others, support them no matter what, and help them grow is the most rewarding experience. They believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself and I hope to pass that on to every new member who comes in tomorrow.

We are so very different, but we are bonded in common values. And that’s what love should be all about. We don’t have to have the same interests.

One of my best friends at school (and roommate) and I couldn’t be more different. We constantly joke about the fact that we are friends because it’s comical just how opposite we are. We asked ourselves, “why are we friends?” and we realized that our similarities are our values. We care about  Jesus, family, and friendships more than anything else. So what does it matter that she likes Gossip Girl and I’m into Doctor Who? That she knows how to do her hair and I can’t find the right end of a brush? That’s just it. It doesn’t matter at all. I know I can go to her with any problem and she will listen and care because that’s the kind of person she is.

And who really wants a world where everybody likes the same things? There would be no diversity, no chance to learn something new! Imagine a world of only Allie. That’s a terrifying thought. That would be a nerdy nerdy anxiety-ridden place.

In order to love, we need to be empathetic. Sure, we may not be into their interests, but we need to be willing to see things from their point of view. I learned a lot about empathy this summer and my sisters have it abundantly.

Love is being willing to drop anything for that person to help them through whatever. Love is reaching out to someone who you know is going through a tough time. Love is just sitting and talking about life. Love is goofing off and laughing until you cry. Love is asking someone else how they’re doing because you actually really care.

I saw all of those things this weekend watching my sisters interact with each other. It’s an amazing feeling when you know you’re not alone, that someone is willing to be by you no matter what.

This weekend was an incredible reminder as to why I joined this incredible sorority. I was so lost and alone at school before I found Theta. They have completely changed my life and I can’t wait to continue this legacy with a new class.

I am so proud to be a part of a group that loves so intensely. We are bonded by our faith, hope, and love and I’m a better person for knowing them.

Today’s quote comes from Mother Teresa:

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one come to you without leaving happier.”

Love your neighbor as yourself and don’t forget to have a great day!



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