Life Lessons from the Doctor

It will come as no surprise to anyone that I love the show Doctor Who. I have often wondered why I am so infatuated with a show that is science fiction and alien-y, which is something I don’t normally enjoy. However, I was watching it today and realized why it is I care so much for the Doctor and his companions: the script. This show has some of the most profound thoughts and pieces of wonderful advice. So, I thought I would share some of the things I’ve learned from Doctor Who over the years.

1. It’s ok to be silly.

childish sometimes


good and bad things

3. Everyone is important.


4. Shenanigans is a marvelous word.


5. It’s ok for things to change.

matt's final speech

6. Anything can be right up your alley.

my name all over it

7. It’s ok to be scared.


8. This is my favorite Doctor Who quote. A friend of mine made me a copy of if and I hung it right where I could see it every night. There’s nothing more inspiring or heartening than to go to bed thinking you are capable of anything.


9. And of course, I learned that…

bowties are cool


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