Finals Week as told by The West Wing

It’s the end of the year. The semester’s been going well so far, but before you know it, finals are here.

are you kidding me?

You start to look over the notes you took over the semester and realize you remember nothing.

well this is bad

You try to focus, but end up watching videos of the most insane stuff on the internet. You didn’t know there were videos of singing turtles on Youtube, but now you do.

what is happening right now

After hours in the library, all you need in life is junk food.


Not only is it the finals week, but also the last chance you get to spend with your friends before the summer. Everyone wants to hang out all the time. Don’t they have classes? You need to isolate yourself from the outside world.

walk away

When someone asks how you’re doing, you don’t even try to hide it.

toby ziegler hatred

You walk into your test fearing the worst.


But then it’s over! You’ve done it! It wasn’t terrible! All of that hard work paid off.

Go and enjoy the summer!



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