A Late Night Post about Late Night Television

Hello dear readers!

It is quite late, and I am aware of that fact. However, I can’t sleep and sometimes writing down my thoughts can help me out. 

Today I was laughing at myself because, instead of doing something productive, I spent about two hours watching comedy clips on youtube. I watched old Craig Ferguson interviews, Jimmy Fallon sketches, about three episodes of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” (which if you don’t watch that show already, get on it), and clips of Ellen DeGeneres. 

It is ridiculous how much time I waste watching shows that consist of interviews. Honestly, I have a passion for late night television, or the Ellen DeGeneres/Jerry Seinfeld equivalent. The reason I specify that is because I’m not watching “The View” or “The Chat” or whatever other stuff like that happens to come around.

My hope is that someday this won’t be considered a waste of time and will instead be, “job research” for that day when I end up trying to weasel my way into a show that broadcasts from 30 Rockefeller Plaza. 

I think something I have definitely learned in the past year is that, you need to pursue the thing with which you spend all your time.  The reason you waste your time watching youtube clips about it is because you love it already. I don’t mean that it has to be your full-time job. But don’t ever let those things you love become things that you look back and think, “Oh man, wouldn’t it have been cool if I had done that?” 

I apologize that a lot of my posts are about the future. But the future is something that I frequently think about. No, I don’t sit here every day worrying about my life. Usually my thoughts are very optimistic. However, I still am trying to decide the right path for me, and writing about it helps clear the hoarder house that is my brain.

So here is today’s quote. It comes from my favorite late night talk show host, Craig Ferguson. 

“I think sometimes that people think brave means not being afraid, which of course it doesn’t mean that at all. It means that you’re afraid, but you move past that and do it anyway, do what you think is right.” -Craig Ferguson

Love your neighbor as yourself and never forget to have a great day!



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