A Year in Review

Hello dear readers,

I’m sorry that it’s been awhile. I’ve really been slacking off on my writing when I’m on breaks for school. Remember how I said I was going to write every day during Thanksgiving? Yeah… that didn’t happen.

I’ve been reading everyone’s Facebook posts about the end of the year, and as corny as it might seem, I want to be nostalgic as well. 2013 was an awesome and crazy year for me in so many respects. I want to acknowledge all of the changes and events that have made this year one of the best. 

I started this year as a second semester senior. That was a very bitter-sweet time. I LOVED high school and all of my friends and was sad that I had to leave. On the other hand, though, I was about to go to college! Senioritis was real, y’all. It was like the whole semester I was running towards the finish line, and then about three steps from running through the ribbon, I was suddenly reluctant to cross. 

This summer was a blur. From a mission trip in Iowa (in which everything that could go wrong went wrong… I’m talking tornadoes, scalding water, flooding, and food shortages.) to a family vacation at the Grand Canyon, I was constantly moving and planning for the school year to come. 

Then along came Belmont. The most wonderful place I know. It’s like summer camp where you take classes. Moving to Tennessee was one of the hardest transitions of my life, but also the most rewarding. The people I’ve met and the things I’ve done in just one semester are so mind-boggling. I took on the challenge of trying anything at least once. Intramurals? Ok. Camping in a tent in twenty degree weather? Why not?I can’t think of a better way to approach life. Widen your comfort zone a little. It’s amazing the things you can accomplish and the people you meet when you do something unexpected.

This winter break has been a great chance to unwind, spend time with family, and to enjoy a slower pace. I am always moving at hyper speed, so waking up at ten and then watching Craig Ferguson until noon is a wonderful juxtaposition to my normal life. I am, however, excited to get back to school. I have a new roommate, new classes, and a whole new semester to do amazing things. 

So, as 2013 wraps up in the next few hours, I am going to challenge my self to a few “New Years resolutions.” I’m going to put these out into the internet void so that I can actually hold myself to them.

1. Talk Less. 

I talk a lot and I try so hard to control it, but it’s extremely hard for me. I need to be able to enjoy silence.

2. Meet new people. 

Not just names and majors. Really get to know somebody. Who do they admire? What would they do for a Klondike bar?

3. Don’t over-commit yourself.

Enough said. You don’t manage your calendar well enough to keep saying “yes” to everything.

4. Be spontaneous.

5. Work out. 

“Don’t get mad at yourself when you don’t have time, but go when you do have the time.” I read that somewhere, I’m not sure where, but I agree. 

6. Stay in touch with the outside world. 

It’s pitiful that you knew how quickly Beyonce’s “secret album” spread after it leaked but you didn’t know the government was shut down until like three days later. 

That’s about enough for now. I’ll probably come up with more before too long, so stay tuned on that one. 

My quote for today is hopefully inspirational. It might apply to your New Year’s Resolutions or maybe just life in general. This quote comes from my favorite president, Mr. Theodore Roosevelt.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Theodore Roosevelt

I hope that you all have a wonderful new year. “Whatever you are, be a good one.” That was a second quote for ya from another incredible president, Mr. Abraham Lincoln. 

Look forward to your future, but don’t forget your past. 

Love your neighbor as yourself and never forget to have a great day!

Much love, 



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