If This is the New World, I’m Not Sure I Want to Be A Part of It

Happy Tuesday, dear readers!

So as a freshman at Belmont, we have to watch these mandatory movies for our First Year Seminar class. You might think, “that’s kind of cool!”… It’s not.

We had a few choices of which movie to watch, except for the one mandatory movie, “Nowhere in Africa.” That is one flick I would not recommend to anyone, unless of course you love watching movies entirely in German, with English subtitles, for THREE HOURS… 

So tonight I had to watch my second one. In typical Allie fashion, I was so bummed out by the last movie that I waited until the last possible moment to watch the second one. Which of course meant that I didn’t have a choice of what film to see. I had to go and see whatever was showing tonight, which was “The New World.”

“The New World,” I found out right before going, is the story of Pocahontus. It is with real people, instead of the lovable cartoon, and actually had a fairly great cast: Christian Bale (Batman), David Thewlis (Professor Lupin), and others. So you would think that it would actually be pretty good right?


These films are shown in the library and you’re not allowed to Netflix them or anything, so for two and a half hours, I sat in a hard library chair with this film. The movie started off with a lot of nature shots. “Ok, ” I thought. “This is only the opening credits. There will be some dialogue soon.”


The entirety of the movie consisted of nature shots, footage of dramatic walking, and minimal dialogue. Even when the characters decided to talk, it was like they were having a “who can whisper the quietest” contest. To be honest, I didn’t catch a single word that Pocahontus said the whole movie. 

To say it wasn’t like the Disney movie at all is an understatement. There was definitely no wolf crying to the blue corn moon, no grinning bobcats, and if there were any colors in that wind at all, they sure as hell weren’t painting with them. 

Anyways, I guess that I shouldn’t rant about this movie too much. Maybe you’re really into those kind of quiet, all waterfall and no talking, kind of movies. If the “Planet Earth” documentaries and “Dances with Wolves” had a child, it would be “The New World.”

I’m just looking out for your best interests on this one. Take my advice and spend your time with a movie that is worth while, like “The Princess Bride” or “You’ve Got Mail.” You’re welcome.

Tonight my quote comes from a REAL movie, “A Few Good Men.” To be honest, this quote pops into my mind on a regular basis. 

“The only thing I have to eat is Yoohoo and Cocoa Puffs, so if you want anything else bring it with you. Okay?” -Lieutenant Kaffee

Love your neighbor as yourself and never forget to have a great day.

Much love,



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