Happy Halloween y’all!

This was a very bittersweet day, because today was my first Halloween in Nashville! I had a wonderful day, however I do have to say that I missed trick-or-treating with my friends and helping my dad get the house ready for the neighborhood kids.

I will take any opportunity to wear a costume. If there is a situation in which it is socially acceptable to wear a costume, you will find me in one. So, of course, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I’m all about the homemade costumes that are specific and detailed. So this year, I went as Ms. Norbury, the teacher in Mean Girls (played by none other than Tina Fey herself.)

For this costume, I went with the scene when Cady and her friends see Ms. Norbury at the mall. She’s wearing a tacky vest with buttons all over it. See Exhibit A:

ms. norbury

I went to the local ThriftSmart and found a green vest. I then found some campaign button templates from Google and spent quite a while cutting them out and bobby-pinning them to my sweater. To get the Ms. Norbury hair, I went to bed with my wet hair tied up in tight braids. The things I do for a good costume. See Exhibit B:

ms. Norbury halloween

So I was super confident when I walked out of my room at 7:30 this morning. However, once I got into my First Year Seminar, I made a horrible realization. My professor walked right up to me and said, “Oh my gosh! You’re a Christmas tree!”

Wearing my green sweater with small circles hanging from it, I looked just like an evergreen covered in ornaments… I thought it was funny and I explained my costume, but that was just the first of many. By the time my eleven o’clock class rolled around, I had been asked if I was a Christmas tree at least three times. It was not a promising sign.

The cafeteria really went all out today, which was awesome. There was a “dark and scary” passage to get to the cash register, including: lights, music, and a fog machine. Not to mention that all the lunch ladies were in costume. It was really great.

Around campus I saw people dressed as Disney princesses, hobbits, ghosts, a guy wearing a present with a tag that read, “To: Women From: God.” Priceless.

I went with my friend to a party tonight that was hosted by one of the campus ministries. We walked in, and before I even had a chance to say hello to people, I spotted three girls dressed up as… you’ll never believe it… Christmas trees.

So you can imagine how the rest of the party went, people asking if I was a tree as well. Just to be clear… I wasn’t dressed as any sort of fern today. It became quite comical, though. My friends dressed as elderly people and one of them spoke with a Russian accent the whole time.

To end the night, we came back to campus to watch movies. We ended up watching one of my favorites, “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.” If you haven’t seen it, go do it now! It’s only forty-nine minutes long, or something like that. It’s a hilarious musical comedy (that takes you through a range of emotions) starring Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion.

After that we watched, “Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman.” I can’t say that we saw the whole thing… We actually skipped to the end, and we must have missed A LOT, because the dialogue really didn’t make sense. This is where we came in, “They said that there were giant gophers!” Yeah… I have no idea what that means.

All in all, I had a wonderful Halloween. I am really excited because I will be dressed up as a minion from Despicable Me tomorrow. There will be pictures to come.

I hope that you all had a wonderful evening and that you enjoy your trick-or-treating tomorrow (If you live in Indiana).

I have a two-for-one special on quotes today. The first is just a quote that I agree with one-hundred percent.

“I think if human beings had genuine courage, they’d wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on Halloween. Wouldn’t life be more interesting that way? And now that I think about it, why the heck don’t they? Who made the rule that everybody has to dress like sheep 364 days of the year? Think of all the people you’d meet if they were in costume every day. People would be so much easier to talk to – like talking to dogs. ”
― Douglas Coupland

The second comes from one of my favorite movies, a movie I associate with Halloween.

“Mrs. Peacock was a man?” -Mr. Green, Clue

Love your neighbor as yourself and never forget to have a great day!

Happy Halloween,



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